Does being anti-Israel mean one is anti Semitic?

Apparently, not, according to R' Avigdor Miller, zt"l. Anti-Israel is pretty much anti-Zionism and anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism. Judaism is not Zionism.

Q: How should we relate to Medinas Yisroel?

A: Judaism and Zionism are not the same thing! These שקרנים, these liars, are trying to get us involved. So they’re trying to say that all the Arab states and all the other states are enemies of the Jews. That’s a lie! So you’ll say, “But isn’t it true that the Arabs are enemies of the Jews?” It could be, but they’re not different than other gentiles. The fact that they are against the State of Israel is a political expediency that has nothing to do with us, the Am Yisroel. And therefore, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be drawn into this maelstrom of political hatred that the Zionists would like to have us committed to. They want us all to be committed to their fight, so that we should all be in the same boat, chas vesholom. We’ll all sink together. Nothing doing! Nothing doing! We’re a separate entity!

These people are our enemies. They hate Judaism! Not that they are merely indifferent; they hate it. You know that when Sadat came to America, so they served him a kosher meal for Mohammedans. Mohammedans can’t eat everything, and so they served only a meal that a Mohammedan can eat. But when these people came, from the Knesses, they served shrimp! They served shrimp! So you see that these people don’t represent us.

So our connection with the irreligious Zionists is the same connection as our connection with the Christians. You must be polite to irreligious Jews, and try to win them over with kindliness. But you must know that they’re not ours. When the Torah says that a Jew is אחיך – “Your brother,” it means “your brother in mitzvos.” He’s only a brother if he’s אחיך במצוות – only the one who has the same commitment to מצוות as you have is your brother.

TAPE # 99 (November 1975)

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