New Years Day

Rav Avigdor Miller on New Years 2000 (Y2K) 

Q: What's this big deal that people are making about the new year of 2000?

A: B'etzem, in reality, there's no such thing as the year 2000. It's two thousand years since lo klum, since nothing. First of all, some historians says that oso ha'ish was never even born. He didn't exist. So it's two thousand years of counting years from nothing. And even if he did exist, it's also from nothing.

However, resha'im could always take advantage of this propaganda. That could be. They might riot, those resha'im. Since they hear so much propaganda, they might think to make use of the opportunity to make trouble. They do that, you know. They're good at looking for opportunities to make trouble.

And that's why, that night, it would be a good idea to stay home. If resha'immight look to make trouble, then your responsibility is to make sure that you and your family are safe. Make it your business to stay home that night. No reason to be outside on that night. What do you need with people - low people - who are wasting their lives celebrating nothing?! It's nothing at all. Hakodosh Boruch Hu should be matzil es kol am'cha beis Yisroel from all troubles, from all the goyim, the resha'im, who are looking for opportunities to make trouble.
TAPE # E-210 (December 1999)


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