Shidduchim Guide 20

Shidduchim Guide 20

Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Giving Information:

1. How well do I really know the person?

2. What is the source of my information?

3. How do I feel about this person?

4. What will happen to this information after I disclose it?

The Five Rules of Toeles

1) Think through your response carefully.

Are you sure that the information you are about to share is totally accurate or is it, perhaps, partially or totally based on secondhand information? This requires careful consideration, since many of our impressions of other people are actually based on secondhand information, it is important to give careful thought to this question before answering.

This article was written by Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Lowy, Rav of Agudath Yisrael of Toronto and the posek in Toronto for halachic inquiries concerning Shmiras Haloshon. This article was approved for halachic accuracy by HaRav Hillel Zaks, Shlita.


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