Rav Schwab, zt"l on Isaiah 26:20-21

Go, my people, enter into your chambers and close your doors behind you.  Hide for a small moment until the anger passes. For behold, Hashem is going forth from His place to visit punishment for the sin of the inhabitant of the earth upon him; the earth will uncover its blood, and it will no longer cover its slain ones. (Yeshayahu 26:20-21)
Rav Shimon Schwab, zt"l says:
These two pesukim refer to the final punishment of the reshaim for the murder of the millions of Jews throughout history.  With the passage of time, history moved on, and the "earth covered the blood of these slain ones, " leaving the crimes seemingly forgotten and the murderers unpunished.  But, says the Navi, these crimes will not remain unpunished forever.  At the time of the fulfillment of this nevuah, the "earth will uncover its blood and no longer hide its slain ones."  The earth will no longer give cover to the blood of the millions of Jews who were murdered, and the perpetrators of these horrendous crimes againt the Jewish people will finally be brought to justice.  We are not told here what form this justice will take.  It is unknown whether these long-dead criminals will be ressurected to be brought to justice, or whether the punishment referred to here will be meted out to their souls. 
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