Wearing a Mask on Shabbos in Reshus HaRabim d'Oraysa

Corona Masks Revisited


I saw last week’s question about refraining from wearing a corona mask in a reshus harabim on Shabbos. Does this mean that if someone does not want to leave his home without a mask, he should not go to shul? 

Thank you. 
Rabbi Yisrael Gitlin 

Rav Auerbach: 

As I mentioned in last week’s teshuvah, I do not believe that one should wear a corona mask on Shabbos in a place that is a reshus horabim de’Oraysa, since there is a possibility that he might take off the mask and carry it. Therefore, the best practice is to leave the corona mask in the shul and put it on while in shul. If you are unable to walk to shul without a mask, then it is better not to go to shul at all than to wear the mask in a reshus horabim.

Compiled by R' Daniel Travis.

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