And Then Come the Children

March 10, 2021

And Then Come the Children
By Sarah Feld

This week, the five millionth Israeli citizen, a pregnant mother of two, received warm praise as she received her jab. P.M. Binyamim Netanyahu acknowledged the dedicated work of the medical staff and encouraged the last two million reluctant citizens over 16 to go get vaccinated. He also used this televised opportunity to report on plans to vaccinate kids over 12 by the summer.

There have been zero trials, let alone long term studies of covid 19 vaccines on kids who are at a vital hormonal and physical maturation phase of life. They would be receiving a dose or two of a treatment that has not been approved by the FDA (As listed on the Pfizer covid-19 home page, this product is not approved by FDA. It has received an "emergency use authorization" only), for a virus which has hardly caused symptoms, or very mild ones in children. 99.997% did just fine, thank you.

There was no public discussion or poll taking among the adult citizens of Israel to see if they were interested in entering an experimental test trial for an EUA drug containing a new mRNA procedure that does not follow standard vaccine protocols. And now that millions have answered the call, the prime minister announces that the kids are next.

Who says?

Standard vaccines by definition stimulate the body's immune response against a specific infectious disease by injecting an inactivated or attenuated pathogenic agent into the body. Standard vaccines prevent transmission or contracting the virus. The new mRNA injection introduces a genetic material, such as a strand of synthesized messenger RNA. It is used by the cells of the body to produce an antigenic substance, such as a fragment of virus spike protein. The pharmaceutical companies state it their covid-19 drugs do not prevent contracting or transmission of coronavirus. Almost nothing is known about immediate adverse effects, or of long term effects.
We are beginning to learn this now, largely from Israelis. Report of a deal between Israel and Pfizer was leaked to the public by Lieberman. And then, in a zoom meeting in January 2021 with global leaders of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the prime minister confirmed that Israel would not only be the first fully vaccinated country (vacci-nation) and the first to leave the lockdowns behind, it would also be the experimental laboratory for the world. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourlas confirmed that Israel had indeed accepted that role.
Except no one told the Israelis first, or asked for their consent. Bibi communicated to his citizens that he had made a great deal to bring to Israel a vaccine which would get us past coronavirus. He said it was approved and safe. The health ministries, many doctors, and religious leaders echoed those words.
For millions of Israelis that sufficed. Others, weary of the lockdowns, lost incomes, and with kids missing school and friends, felt coerced or manipulated into taking it. Some two million Israelis are waiting to see results before deciding, or they refuse to be injected.

And then there are the children.

Pfizer's trial tests included about 163 healthy youth ages 16-18. Half of them received a placebo. Based on about 80 healthy teens, all Israeli youth in that age range are being urged to receive the jab. That would include kids with diabetes, asthma or other respiratory ailments, allergies, those taking all kinds of medications, in all weight groups-from underweight to obese-and with all manner of genetic makeup. Of course, the trials did not address these or other factors.

Prof. Galia Rahav, from Sheba Hospital, a specialist in internal medicine, infectious diseases, and clinical microbiology explained, "Only now are we learning about the effectiveness of the vaccine in real life… When we vaccinate millions of people at once, clearly we’ll see all kinds of phenomena occurring.” That sounds like we're learning a lot of as yet unfamiliar information about a drug being injected to nearly half of all Israelis, and millions around the world; it suggests something that might be said about an experimental drug.

Will Professor Rahav, who has made statements that appear to be in favor of trial testing of this new injected drug on Israeli children, soon be heard saying, "when you inject two million children with an experimental drug, we can expect to see all kinds of phenomena occurring"? Other countries, who are not offering up their own offspring for test trials, will then be able to learn from the Israeli children just how effective, or dangerous, it is.

This, in effect, confirms the concerns of those who have said that the Israeli government acquired such large shipments of Covid-19 vaccinations so quickly because it agrees to allow Pfizer to use the Israeli population as guinea pigs, or shfanim (rabbits) as we say in Israel. It seems the deal also allows all the health funds to provide our confidential health information, apparently without personal identities, to Pfizer, or wherever, without our permission.

Israeli authorities have released a redacted copy of the contract it signed with Pfizer in which Israel agreed to provide the company with its publics' medical data in return for the swift supply of Covid-19 vaccines.

Dr. Maureet Beeri, head of Alyn Hospital doesn't think Israel will be the first country to inject kids under 16, since no trial tests have been done in that age group, anywhere. That seems to imply that any 12-15 year old who gets the shot is the test case.

It may be that some parents will think it appropriate for their young children to participate in drug trials for the benefit of mankind, or for some other reason. If that is their choice, it should come with no coercion, lies or manipulations to have to do so. Those parents should be given an "informed consent" form that includes all known details and side effects, all known risks, and the possibility of unknown risks. Usually any alternative health care options should be revealed. Not everyone is eligible, depending on the stage of testing, and the potential volunteer's health background. Often, volunteers are paid for their time, as Israel recently offered when asking for vaccine trial volunteers. The time frame of the trial should be clear to the parents, as well as who is liable if a volunteer suffers any illness, injury, or death.

Here are some critical questions any potential volunteer should be asking:
*In what phase is the clinical trial?
*Was it animal tested?
*How long will the trial last?
*What treatments will be used?
*What is the main purpose of the trial?
*How will patient safety be monitored?
*What are the risks?
*What are the possible benefits?
*Are alternate treatments available?
*What happens if I am harmed by the trial?
*Can I choose to remain on this treatment even after the study ends?
The following information should be included in your informed consent for a clinical research trial. Any experimental procedures should be identified.
* An indication that what you are agreeing to is for research
* An explanation of the purpose of the research
* The expected duration of participation
* Procedure descriptions that are to be followed, including invasive procedures
* Noted risks or discomforts
* A disclosure of any alternate procedures or courses of treatments offered
* A statement describing the extent to which confidentiality of records identifying you will be maintained and if published, your identity will remain confidential
* If more than minimum risk, an explanation as to whether any compensation and an explanation as to whether any medical treatments are available if injury occurs and, if so, what they consist of or where further information can be obtained
* Who to contact for answers to pertinent questions about the research and subject’s rights, and who to contact in event of a research –related injury
* A statement that participating is voluntary and refusal will not result in penalization or loss of benefits in which the subject is otherwise entitled
* Any unforeseeable risks, and any possible risks to a pregnancy, embryo, or fetus
* The approximate number of people involved in the study
* A statement that any new significant findings developed during the study that could relate to your willingness to continue in the research study will be provided to you
* Any anticipated payments, if any, to you for participating
* Any additional costs to you that may result from participating in the research study
* Any anticipated circumstances where your participation may be terminated by the investigator without your consent.

After all information has been received, the potential participant, or the children's parents, should weigh it against his/her personal health history and psychological preparedness to deal with any adverse outcomes.

Remember that neither the Pfizer, Moderna nor any other drug being used for covid 19 has received FDA approval. It is this same EUA that has not been tested on 12-15 year olds which will apply to the injections offered to Israeli children. With questions of weakened natural immunity, genetic changes and possibly fertility issues for girls and boys, parents may decide to wait a few years to see test trial outcomes, and not be the first ones in line. By the way, it is quite possible that many kids who exhibited no symptoms, or mild ones, may already have acquired herd immunity.

The Jewish people lost six million in the holocaust, including in experimental drug trial deaths. Does it really make sense for Israeli parents to be encouraged or coerced to volunteer their children, Israel's future, to a drug trial that has not been tested nor
reviewed on young children anywhere in the world? And for a virus that has a 99.9997% good outcome?

And then come the babies…


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